Frequently asked questions

What is AlisaLight.com?

AlisaLight.com is the websites that presents the life-long work of designer Alisa Sheinson, an Israeli multi-disciplinary designer who's array of work includes interior design, product design, light sculptures and wayfinding. The website allows you to purchase some of Alisa's art and have it carefully shipped to your doorstep. In this site you will also find some of Alisa's Projects that take place all over the world and across many different fields, within the design realm.

How to purchase an item?

In order to understand better what it is that you would like for us to manufacture for you, we would like for you to leave your contact details, so that we would be able to contact you and give you exactly what you want.

We are able to make small modifications to our already existing are pieces, or create new ones, upon order.

The easiest way to contact us is by sending us a message on our contact page.
We do our best to reply our customers quickly and professionally.

In case you see an art piece you would like to purchase on our shop, you can click the "GET PRICE" button and fill in your details.

After a brief conversation with us over the phone, we would be able to provide you with a quote for your desired art piece.

How are the art pieces made?

Alisa's light sculptures, which you can purchase here, are made at the Studio, after a process of careful planning and hard work.
The light sculptures are the result of more than six years of thought and experimentation.
The process begins with planning each and every design to the detail, as well as creating small-scaled models from different materials, before working on the actual art piece. Once the piece is made, we complete it by adding specifically chosen lights and an elegant electric system. We have perfected the designs so that the finish will be perfect and the art became easy to install in any home or office.

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